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Smart electric vehicles need to be redefined

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[Abstract] The intelligentization of electric vehicles can't play the concept, but it can't be smart and intelligent. Intelligent must be the experience of users. Otherwise, the direction is gone, even if you are high-end to the sky, it is pseudo-intelligence.

      To say that the most attractive development trend of the electric vehicle industry in recent years, then it is not "intelligent". This year's Tianjin exhibition also defines the theme as "intelligent" and "networked". It can be seen that the intelligence of electric vehicles Transformation has become the transformation direction of the entire industry.


Intelligentization is the way out for low-quality competition


      According to statistics, the number of electric vehicles in China has reached 200 million, which is 200% of private cars and 160% of motorcycles. It has become the most used means of transportation for ordinary people in China. In the past 18 years, the electric vehicle industry has maintained a high growth rate of more than 20%. In the highest year, it even reached a growth rate of 47%. However, this extraordinary development was broken in 2014. In the same year, the whole vehicle industry experienced negative growth for the first time. The Chinese electric vehicle industry ended its brutal growth period of nearly 20 years and entered a new normal of slowing growth.


      In China, the development of any emerging industry is related to the huge population interest rate, and electric vehicles are no exception. The first stage is to divide the demographic dividend of the city. After the urban market is saturated, the second stage begins to sink the channel and seize the rural market. Today, the social security of China's electric vehicles has reached the commanding height of 200 million vehicles, with an average of 7 people. 1 vehicle, the ratio of production capacity to demand is as high as 1:0.37, and there is a serious overcapacity. Both urban and rural markets have been severely saturated. That is to say, the demographic dividend has been divided by large and small electric vehicle companies.


      The incremental market has peaked, and only the demand for the accelerating stock market has changed. We have seen that in these years, electric vehicle companies have been working hard in the stock market, and various kinds of old-fashioned activities have been staged in all parts of the country. In addition, there is no bottom line price war and dazzling stars. Endorsements, signings, plaza activities, "climbing", "long-distance running", etc., have become the conventional weapons of major brands.

However, after the excitement, the overall industry's decline has not changed. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 1,200 licensed enterprises in China's electric vehicle industry. In the case of severe overcapacity, it is clear that the existing stock market has already If you can't support so many companies, if you want to get out of the woods, you can't continue to die in the stock market, but you have to find new incremental markets.


      Where is the incremental market? The intelligentization of electric vehicles is the best embodiment of industrial innovation. The continuous development of information technology will promote the further transformation and upgrading of the electric vehicle industry. Electric vehicles must go beyond the functional homogenization competition and move towards intelligence.

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